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Books - On - Hold System

We are pleased to announce a system that we think will make shopping at our Sale more comfortable for visitors who buy many books, easier for all buyers to move among the sales tables, and will let everyone see more books, while helping us to meet safety requirements.

At Lebanon High School there will be a special, clearly marked room -- we are calling it Books-on-Hold -- between the two sales rooms, where a visitor will store all boxes of books he or she has selected, except the one currently being filled. No boxes under tables or in halls, and no more need to juggle several boxes or to find a discreet hideaway for them.

With ready help from volunteers who will be present all day, each user of Books-on-Hold will:

reserve a personal storage space in the room; arrange labeling for the boxes to be kept there
come and go freely, adding to and removing from the stash; though we cannot be responsible for the books, we expect no problems, and books may be covered or someone may stay with them
use this hassle-free zone, we sincerely hope, to sort books as the day proceeds, so that volunteers may whisk rejects back to the sales tables
When finished shopping--pay, pack and leave quickly via two special high-volume checkouts conveniently located near exits to parking lots.


Books-on-Hold is planned to work to everyone's advantage.

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