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Highlights of the 2018 Sale

Place Holders
In response to concerns about boxes and other "place holders" being left unattended outside the school before the Sale, the Lebanon SAU Facilities Director has agreed that customers may be allowed to leave unattended boxes as place holders at the Main Entrance. Pedestrian safety in the walkway remains a major concern. Therefore, customers wanting to leave place holders are asked to line up their boxes behind the barriers prior to the Sale opening. Please review and respect the posted instructions.

Follow the signs to some of the highlights listed below, and enjoy the treasure hunt for the rest:

Five Colleges Book Sale Highlights of the 2018 Sale

Over 400 hardback books in pristine condition cover the arts, new fiction and topical non-fiction. Highlights include fiction by Jesmyn Ward, Alice McDermott, David Mamet, Celeste Ng, Kristen Hannah, A.J. Finn, George Saunders and John Grisham. Non-fiction highlights include books by Steven Pinker, Bill McKibben, Katy Tur, Thomas Ricks, Richard Prum, Suzy Hansen and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Art and special books include Howard Terpning’s “Spirit of the Plains”. Plus, view our selection of “Books Under $5”.

***Retro Reads:

Retro Reads offers a large selection of novels by Frances Parkinson Keyes and books by many other great mid-20th century authors. Also, there are vintage sets of Hardy Boys and the "Twins" series from the 1930s and 1940s. The Children's Retro Reads collection includes some lovely editions illustrated with line drawings and colorful plates.

***Science and Technology:

This year's Sci/Tech category stretches like an overinflated balloon, and selecting particular topics to highlight has proven difficult. Suffice it to say that you'll find at least one interesting book (and likely several more) in any of the following categories:

Chemistry, biology, astronomy, meteorology, engineering, cartography, cosmology, astrophysics, physiology, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, oceanography and ocean life, anatomy, geology, climatology, volcanoes, storms, floods, weather, geography, earth science, environmental science and concerns such as the Greenhouse Effect, global warming and climate change.

Also: electronics, mechanical engineering, space exploration and SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), evolution (human and otherwise), paleontology, quantum mechanics, satellite technology, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, planetary science, genetic engineering, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), manufacturing processes and related technologies, repairs of things, and descriptions of technological and societal infrastructure (e.g., bridges, dams, and highways).


You'll also find biographies of individuals with connections to many of the topics outlined above, and multiple copies of books by and about the life and accomplishments of the late Stephen Hawking.

****New England:

This year we're offering more recent and older versions of town histories than ever, including histories of the Upper Valley communities of Hanover, Lyme, Plainfield, Woodstock, Cornish, (and further south), Langdon, NH. Further afield are histories of some western Massachusetts and Connecticut communities including New Haven.

There's also an extensive selection of signed copies of New England lore and anecdotes, plus travel books and hiking guides for adventurous readers. Many like-new books include perennially popular Dartmouth-related titles.

***Farming and Homesteading:

Although they're sometimes thought of as Appalachian folklore, the perennially popular Foxfire books are plentiful this year, along with many titles relating to living on (and off) the land, homesteading, and construction of log cabins and ponds.

***Science Fiction

This year we're offering a large selection of military Sci Fi and the largest batch of horror and early "heroic" fantasy books ever donated to the sale.

There are also more vintage paperbacks than usual, with many in better condition than in recent years. Check out our assortment of first editions, including "I am Not Spock" by Leonard Nimoy, "His Masters Voice" by Stanislaw Lem, and Ralph Steadman's "Alice Through the Looking Glass". Look for a first edition of Chad Oliver's "Mists of Dawn" on the book sale's sealed-auction table.

The sale's oddity may well be the incredibly amusing (to Trekkers) "Star  Trek Cats" by Jenny Parks. Several signed first editions -- including the "The Annotated Hobbit" (signed by Douglas Anderson, annotator) and Anne Rice's  "Queen of the Damned"-- round out the highlights.

Also, Gaylord Newcity will be offering Gaming-related books and accessories at the Sci Fi tables, so be sure to stop by and visit with Gaylord.

***Hardcover Fiction:

New this year, a special hardcover romance section will appeal to readers tired of squinting at small-format paperbacks. Also featured are an assortment of currently-popular Sherlock Holmes tales and historical fiction spanning time from prehistory to World War II.


Here you'll find exotic postcards, tiny books, bookmarks, antique calendars and other items that don't fit neatly into any one category. Alas, puzzle fans will be disappointed to learn that this year's sale will see the last offering of jigsaw puzzles. Even New England winters aren't long enough to scan all puzzles for missing pieces!

***Holiday-related books:

Who the Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol"? For the answer, turn to this 2003 issue of Charlie's classic that's lavishly illustrated by master engraver Mark Summers-- it's a holiday highlight!

***Manga and Anime:

Readers familiar with these Japanese-style comic books and graphic novels but disappointed by finding only singles will be pleased by this year's runs of nearly-complete sets, including 67 Fairy-Tail volumes for readers aged 13-plus.

***Military History:

Highlights include many histories of the American Civil War, plus a guide to the Gettysburg Cyclorama now on display at the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center. Also available is a complete set of Civil War books published by Time-Life, and a five-volume history of Northern and Southern states' activities during the war.


For armchair explorers, there's a spate of 19th-century travel-adventure books and popular mountaineering titles. National Geographic maps from various eras and hiking guides are plentiful for this sale. (See also the selection of atlases offered in the Reference section.)

***Children's' Books:

For teens: sink a fang into a vampire book, catch up on Harry Potter's adventures, and lose yourselves in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series and Kane Chronicles. Littler kids will dig into a larger than usual selection of picture and pop-up books of all descriptions.


Along with our usual extensive assortment of historical and contemporary biographies, we are featuring a large collection of books about Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf. Also, an extensive collection of memoirs features many accounts written by Holocaust victims.


Along with a full assortment of all the well-known writers of classic literature, we have received many not so well-known books written by Graham Greene and Anthony Trollope. We have a number of beautiful volumes with fine bindings from Easton Press. In addition, we have received more than 25 sets of the complete works of individual classical writers such as Kipling, George Eliot, Dickens, and many more. Be sure not to miss these boxed sets which are on the floor under the Classics tables. They are priced to sell quickly!

***FEATURED TABLES: There are two Featured Tables located in Senior Square

1. Three Featured Authors and their works this year: 
Emily Bronte – 100th birthday;  Frankenstein  by Mary Shelley – 200th anniversary of publication;  My Antonia  by  Willa Cather – 100th anniversary of publication). We are pleased to feature many books written by all three of these popular authors.

2. Featured Table marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One:
Don’t miss this outstanding collection of history, biography, and fiction focusing on World War One. We anticipate that this will be a popular table so be sure to stop by. Of special interest are Woodrow Wilson’s State Papers, two books about the Lusitania, several biographies including the autobiography of Baron Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) as well as his counterpart, Eddie Rickenbacker’s  Fighting the Flying Circus.  We are also  featuring some relevant novels, e.g.,  A Farewell to Arms, All Quiet on the Western Front  and more.  Additional books about World War One can also be found in the Military History section in the Gym.


All of the Bard’s plays and sonnets are available both individually and in collected volumes. In addition, we have many scholarly works about the man, his times, and his writings. There are also some good resources meant especially for teachers of younger students. Don’t miss several boxed sets of his collected works on the floor under the Shakespeare table. 

***Spirituality and Religion:

We have a bumper crop of books on spiritual and religious topics this year, including a good selection of books on meditation and mindfulness, inspirational memoirs, and daily meditations. Learn about the philosophy and life of the Dalai Lama from any of several of his works available for this sale.

***Food and Cooking:

Whet your appetite with a generalized book (or three) from our selection of classics and nouvelle cuisine, beginning with the annals of America's Test Kitchen. Choose from among selected works by Julia Child, Molly Katzen, Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck and Jacques Pepin.

Or, search out any specialized cookbook devoted to mouthwatering desserts, bread making, soups and stews, gluten-free recipes, and vegan meals. Entice children into the kitchen with the Pooh Cookbook-- written especially for them and featuring easy to follow recipes with quotations from A. A. Milne's classic stories.

The food that you put on your table can be everyday "comfort food". Fire up the slow cooker or the Instant Pot-- a modern version of the pressure cooker-- and pick out an old favorite recipe from one of many Southern Living's Annual cooking collections. And don't overlook the recipe collections published by a local favorite-- King Arthur Flour

***Reference Works:

This year's offerings include a pocket-sized leather-bound copy of Collins English Dictionary that's perfect for any on-the-go lover of words. For home reference, purchase our one-and-only two-volume version of the Oxford English Dictionary (Compact Edition) that's in beautiful condition and complete with a Bausch & Lomb magnifying glass.

Armchair travelers who delight in poring over maps of unusual and familiar places will find an assortment of atlases of all sizes, in very good to excellent condition.

For those occasions when Internet access is missing, be sure to keep a copy of a printed desk reference on hand-- you can select from our New York Times and New York Public Library versions.

We're offering the 13th American edition of Gray's Anatomy, a perennial favorite of amateur physiologists, that features over 1500 pages of text and illustrations of the moving and stationary parts that comprise a human being.

Finally, we're pleased to offer a collection of like-new genealogy works donated by a professional genealogist. Together with additional donations, this assortment explores U.S. and U.K. town and family histories, including the British Royal Family.

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