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Highlights of the 2017 Sale

Place Holders
In response to concerns about boxes and other "place holders" being left unattended outside the school before the Sale, the Lebanon SAU Facilities Director has agreed that customers may be allowed to leave unattended boxes as place holders at the Main Entrance. Pedestrian safety in the walkway remains a major concern. Therefore, customers wanting to leave place holders are asked to line up their boxes behind the barriers prior to the Sale opening. Please review and respect the posted instructions.

Follow the signs to some of the highlights listed below, and enjoy the treasure hunt for the rest:

Anime & Graphic Novels
A 300-page compilation of the Thor comic books by DC Comics priced reasonably for the collector of this genre.

Art & Antiques
Highlights include dozens of books on “cowboy artists" and the American West — a large collection on Remington, Russell and Catlin to browse. Also some unusual books on American Indian and Inuit art, Navajo rugs and silver jewelry, and a special private collection of Indian and Middle Eastern books, especially on Islamic arts and culture.

The Hood Museum of Art has donated an amazing assortment of books and exhibition catalogues on modern and contemporary Western art, Asian art and antiquities, American Impressionism, the Hudson River School, and Greek and Roman classical art — all in excellent condition. And finally, we have wonderful books on period furniture, antique Tiffany and porcelains, and catalogues raisonné for Frederic Remington, Norman Rockwell, and Rembrandt. Come see a real treasure trove of books in superb condition!

There are more DVDs than ever this year, including lots of complete seasons of popular TV shows. There are more Classical music CDs this year than in the past.

This year we are featuring biographies of EUROPEAN ROYALTY. Some are classics while other reflect the latest research on a particular monarch. Other special offerings include the Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Henry James by Leon Edel, 1972, all five volumes in excellent condition as well as the like-new three-volume set of Willliam Manchester's The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill. As usual, we also have an extensive collection of HOLOCAUST memoirs.

Children’s & Young Adult
A very large collection of recent young adult titles, and beautiful picture books by classic illustrators such as Sendak and Wyeth, as well as illustrators.

We have a large collection of all your favorite classics this year with many leather or other fine bindings and many volumes in slipcases. There are more Virginia Woolf and Herman Hesse titles than we typically see. Be sure to check out sets of single author’s works under the tables.

This popular category features works by Escoffier, Pepin, Mark Bittman, Julia Child, TimeLife: Foods of the World and Good Cook, and various editions of Boston Cooking School and Fanny Farmer cookbooks. Numerous vintage cookbooks along with books on Cuisines of Hawaii, Louisiana and the Shakers, who lived locally in nearby Enfield, NH

Current Affairs
A carefully culled selection of books, mostly published in 2016, on topical issues such as the Middle East, refugee stories and cyber security.

Attention, Preschool Teachers, Daycare providers, and parents of toddlers to early elementary age children! This year the Education section has a huge collection of Activity Books for young children - teaching aids, bulletin board ideas, outdoor activities, games, and much more - all priced to sell at $1 - $3! Come find ideas and inspiration!

Is there an alumnus of UC Davis out there? We have a beautiful copy of Abundant Harvest: A History of the University of California at Davis in the Education section.

Looking at colleges? Taking SATs or other tests for college? Need help with study habits? The Education section has multiple up-to-date reference and self-help college prep books.

Featured Authors
2017 marks the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the 125th birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien. We are proud to celebrate both of them on the Featured Authors table in the Main Hallway as you enter.

Gift Books
A staggering collection of 400 hardback books in pristine condition covering the arts, new fiction and topical non-fiction. A gorgeous copy of Bhutan, A Visual Odyessy by Hawley; Limited Edition signed copy of Freak Show; Rosanol's Myths of Venice; shrink wrapped set of Complete Peanuts 1967-1970; fiction by authors Stout, Brooks, Fellows, Rowlings, Picoult, Proulx and Grisholm; non-fiction copies of Bellevue, Watches, When Breathe Becomes Air, World of Downton Abbey, The Common Cause, and The Man Who Knew Greenspan, plus a category of "Under $5 Hardbacks".

Hard Cover Fiction
A fabulous year for Agatha Christie. And of course, The Usual Suspects. Fans of historical fiction should find something to their liking this year, and in the rare find department, a number of books by South African Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer.

Literary Interests
Check out the revamped “Literary Interests” category in the cafeteria. Mostly interesting books by and about the more literary writers; some well-known letters and essays; a few biographies (shared with the “Biographies” category so look both places).

Several brand new teacher edition sets of geometry and algebra books.

Military History
Five volume set The Photographic History of the Civil War, Blue Grey Press; six volume set The Image of War 1861-1865, William C. Davis, Ed.; Rebels & Yankees, 3 volumes, The Commanders of the Civil War, The Battlefields of the Civil War, The Fighting Men of the Civil War; Shelby Foote’s Civil War Trilogy, Carl Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln: The War Years; The Confederate Generals, 6 volume set, and Classic Books of WWII. A treasure trove for the Civil War buff.

Mythology & Folklore
Enter the magical world of myth and folklore with timeless tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes from ancient civilizations. Classic works by Campbell, Bullfinch, and Hamilton. Extensive collection of folktales from around the world in very good condition.

New England Interest
Many excellent titles on the early days of Dartmouth history and New England town reports and histories. Great for amateur and professional genealogists. Many local and regional authors.

New Category!
Retro-Reads, those timeless classics that aren’t quite old enough to be rare, but still hold a place in a time fondly remembered. Come be intrigued by the selection! Located in the cafeteria.

There is a better than usual collection of photography books in fine condition.

April is “Poetry Month” and we have many books by new and by established poets.

After a brief hiatus during the last two years, The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is back, complete with magnifying glass. And for the first time, we are featuring hundreds of genealogy books from “How To” books to ship manifests, family lineage, cultural and religious origins, place histories, and heraldry. A genealogist’s bonanza! Unusually large number of atlases in all sizes.

Science Fiction
Our closely guarded collection of first edition science fiction books include:
The Thief of Always, Clive Barker (numbered and signed)
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
It, Stephen King
Murgunstrumm and Others, Hugh B. Cave
A Clash of Kings, George RR Martin
Pay for these gems at the Sci Fi table in the cafeteria.

Science & Technology
A large collection of paleontology books, several newer books on genetics, and both scientific and cultural works on extinction and evolution.

We were fortunate enough to receive a great many scholarly works on Shakespeare in addition to all of his plays. You will find this unusually fine collection next to Classics in the Cafeteria.

A large complement of arctic explorer and mountaineering books, along with many interesting and unusual personal travel accounts from around the world.

True Crime
We have a large collection of True Crime hardcover books. Most are fairly recent and in “as new” condition going for $3 apiece. A TRUE bargain!

US, World & Military History
Almost all books this year are of fine quality. An extensive collection of medieval history and the usual suspects. Plus a wide variety of European history titles dealing with the Crusades can be found in Military History. The Long Afterlife of Nikkei Wartime Incarceration by Karen Inouye reexamines the history of imprisonment of U.S. and Canadian citizens of Japanese descent during World War II. Many local and regional histories may be found in the Americana & New England Interests categories.

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