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Sealed-Bid Auction

A sealed-bid auction of the books listed below will be held from 9:00 to 11:00 AM on the first day of the sale. There will be no previous viewing of these books. They may be seen from the Sale’s opening at the table marked Sealed Bids.

Bid forms will be found and are to be submitted at the Sealed Bids table. No bid will be accepted after 11:00 AM. In case of bids of identical amounts for the same book, the bid submitted earliest will be preferred. The identities of winning bidders will be made known at the Sealed Bids table as soon after 11:00 AM as the bids have been collated, usually before noon. Bidders unable to wait for the auction’s conclusion may arrange for books on which their bids are successful to be mailed. No discounts apply to books bought at auction.

Books to be Sold by Silent Auction 2019

Baretti, Giuseppe.
Voyage de Londres à Gênes en passant par l’Angleterre, le Portugal, l’Espagne, et la France.
A Amsterdam : Chez Marc-Michel Rey, 1777.
minimum bid: $100.00

Dejean (Antoine Hornot).
Traité Raisonné de la Distallation, ou la Distillation Reduite en Principes.
A Paris : Chez Nyon ... Guillyn ... Saugrain jeune ..., 1778.
minumum bid: $100.00

King, Stephen.
New York : Viking, 1994.
1st edition, apparently signed by the author.
N.B. The 5CBS cannot verify the authenticity of the signature.
minimum bid: $100.00

Lager, James L.
Leica : an Illustrated History : vols. 1 & 2
Closter, NJ : Lager Limited Editions, 1993.
2 vols.
minimum bid: $200.00

Shakespeare, William.
Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies : being a Reproduction in Facsimile of the First Folio Edition of 1623 from the Chatsworth Copy …. with Introduction and Census of Copies by Sidney Lee.
Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1902.
minimum bid: $150.00

Highlights for the “Specials” Table

Association Copy

Barkworth, S.
The Nijmegen Proof : a Romance of Rare Books / by S. Barkworth.
Holmes, Philadephia, PA, 1988.
1 of 650 copies, signed by author, also inscribed by book's designer, David Holmes.
accompanaied by:
Advanced proof copy, also inscribed.


Clark, Eliot.
J. Francis Murphy.
New York : Privately Printed, 1926.

Language Interest

World Passport No. 000001 in English and Esperanto.
accompanied by:
Davis, Garry.
My Country is the World.
London : Macdonald, 1961.
Author’s autographed copy.

Early New England Printing

Morse, Jedidiah.
Geography Made Easy.
Boston : I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews, 1794.

Dissenting Minister

Orton, Job.
Letters to a young clergyman from the late Reverend Mr. Job Orton.
Boston : Printed by Manning & Loring, 1794.

New England History

Rose-Troup, Frances.
The Massachusetts Bay Company and its Predecessors.
New York : The Grafton Press, 1930.


For information, please contact:
Patti Arrison, [email protected]

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